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Bluecard Prepaid Mastercard®

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1The standard price of the BLUECARD is 14.95€, but we will cover these costs for you! We only ask you to pay for the shipping (just 4.95€). You will receive your card within 10 working days. Your information is confidential and will be processed securely and not be sold to third parties.
1By registering your Email address we could inform you as soon as the BLUECARD is available in other countries.
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The BLUECARD Prepaid Mastercard®
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4.95 €
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Limit expansion to €15,000

Order now the limit expansion to €15,000 max. card limit.


XPAY covers the issue price.
€14,95 -> €0,00 Issuing fee!
XPAY covers the first annual fee.
€3,99 -> €0,00 Fees for the 1. year
Zero monthly fees for active users 2
€0,99 -> €0,00 Monthly fee!
Using the BLUECARD is free in stores and online within Europe!3
Highest security standards with 2-factor authentication!
Valid for 3 years with the automatic issuing of a replacement card!
2At least one transaction every 6 months
3(for payments in EURO in the EU)

The best price / performance ratio

Comparison of leading prepaid card providers.

Source: Check24 and VERIVOX, Germany’s leading comparison portals.
The costs refer to the issue price and the 1st year as of 06.2019.

While supplies last!

now only:

600 cards

in stock

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  • Without credit check
  • Without Schufa inquiry
  • Easy and effortless


  • Arrives in a few days
  • Activation in seconds
  • Rechargeable online


  • Personal IBAN-Number
  • All in one place
  • Everything in real time
Useable worldwide!

Well-known from the press and with multiple awards...

  • wallstreet:online
  • IT Finanzmagazin
  • Payment Dragons Den
  • Payment Awards 2014 - Winner
  • Global Payment Awards 2014 - Finalist

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