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Bluecard Prepaid Mastercard® - Fees

One time and recurring fees
Initial issuing fee 14.95 €
Yearly fee year 1 free of charge
Yearly fee for subsequent years 3.99 €
Monthly fee for providing payment functionality (after 6 month)[1] 0.99 €
Monthly fee for administration of remaining balance (after card closure)[2] 1.99 €
Card Loading
Administration fee for bank transfer / SEPA 0.49 €
Administration fee for giropay 0.49 €
Cash withdrawal and transaction fees
Cash withdrawal ATM domestic[3] 2.99 €
Cash withdrawal ATM abroad[3] 2.99 €
Transaction fee (POS and e-commerce) free of charge
Foreign exchange[4] 2.49%
Other Fees
Balance inquiry service ATM 0.29 €
Cancelling card / closing account free of charge
Card blocking free of charge
Chargeback[5] 29.99 €
Email notification free of charge
PIN mail[6] 2.99 €
Product upgrade fee free of charge
Redemption funds[7] 14.99 €
Renewal card fee 4.99 €
Replacement card fee 4.99 €
Returned mail 0.99 €
Rejected load[8] 9.99 €
SMS notification 0.29 €
Unblocking a blocked card[9] free of charge
Written statement of accounts incl. mailing (per written month) 0.99 €
Usage restrictions
Use of the card in taxi cabs disallowed
Use of the card at self-service petrol pumps disallowed
Use of the card at parking and garages disallowed
Use of the card at car sharing providers disallowed

Explanatory notes (see fee notes above):

[1] This fee is not applicable for every calendar month, the following conditions are compiled: cardholder has used his card in between 6 months before the relevant payment month minimum one time with the intention of payment.

[2] This fee is not applicable for every calendar month, the following conditions are compiled: no balance on card or cardholder has sent a correct redemption request form lately 30 days after the cancellation date and the redemption of the funds was completed.

[3] ATM providers may raise additional charges

[4] The foreign exchange fee is charged for each transaction outside of SEPA (transaction at POS, e-commerce or ATM), which is done in a currency other than the currency of the card.

[5] A Chargeback fee is applied in the case of a disputed transaction, where our subsequent investigations show the transaction was authorised by the cardholder.

[6] First PIN mail is free of charge, fee is charged for any subsequent PIN mail requests.

[7] Any balance left on the card can only be redeemed to a German bank account in your own name.

[8] The fee is applied in the case of an authorised load, which overdraws the maximum load or limit of loads.

[9] If a card is misused by a customer, the card will be blocked temporarily. After clarification the card can be unblocked.

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